Using Agile in SaMD Development Under IEC 62304

    Uncovering how Agile practices fulfill Software as a Medical Device (SaMD) Development
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    The Ultimate SaMD Development Plan

    Easy ways to meet FDA Regulatory Requirements with your Software Development Plan
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    5 Myths of Automation in Healthcare, Debunked!

    Automation Myths standing in the way of progress in our healthcare system.
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    5 Crucial Ways Digital Health is Mitigating COVID-19

    A deep dive into Digital Health's role in curbing this global coronavirus pandemic.
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    Demystifying AI in Healthcare

    Boosting Your Knowledge of Artificial Intelligence while Analyzing its Crucial Role in Healthcare.
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    Medical Device Software & SaMDs: A Crash Course

    A quick and easy rundown of ISO and IEC standards. 
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    Shape the future of FDA Regulations for AI/ML.

    The proposal for AI/ML based SaMD regulatory framework is out now and you can influence the FDA! 
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